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Date: 7th June 2016
Armor Wrap Structural Strengthening Material
Applications:The armor wrap structural material is a fiberglass fabric strip with black polyurethane resin. When applied properly,Website:, it will solidify into a tough composite. It?s design for mechanical stiffening and protecting of cables and splices.Features:Water curingSolidify into composite within 10 minutes with waterWithstand 150? after solidifyGood adhere to PE,PVC, metal, fiberglass and contreteResistant to most of the chemical solvents and fuelHigh hardness, high strength, abrasion resistanceNon-toxic, no stimulation, no smellQuality guarantee period: 30 monthTechnical Properties:PropertyTesting methodTypical dataImpact toughnessGB/T 1043-1993?30kJ/mm2Tensile strength(Longitudinal)GB/T 1447-1983?12MPaTensile strength(Transverse)GB/T 1447-1983?32MpaInterlaminar strengthGB/T 2791-1995?15N/25mmCompression strengthASTM F 1536-95?300NDimensions:4in.X15ft. (10.2cmX4.6m)Other sizes and packing are available on requestedRelated information:The product is supplied as rolls of specified dimensions. Recommend to store in the original packing, protected from moisture, dust, heat and sunlight.